Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just exactly what are the Anti ISA people fighting for?

What are this goons fighting for? Are they really against detention without trial? Or are they just using the ISA as an excuse to fan public sentiments thus more political mileage for the politicians?

What are their intentions? Are they really fighting for Malaysia?
So far, we have heard many times this people say that ISA is unjust. It is inhumane. It is draconian. So it must be abolished. Are they really fighting it because they feel its unjust, inhumane and draconian?

Then how come these Opposition politicians and their NGO goons never once mentioned the 2 Malaysians detained in Guantanamo Bay since 2003 ???
Is that not "unjust" and "inhumane" too? Where are the riots in front of the USA Embassy? Where are the vigils, protests, demos for the 2 Malaysians detained WITHOUT TRIAL?

Why not? I thought they were dead against detention without trial? Or are they?

Its becoming more and more obvious that the anti ISA movement is nothing more than a self serving agenda for political game. They do not have the best interests of Malaysians in their hearts.

Read more about the 2 Malaysians detained without trial in Guantanamo ;




Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim said...

iyah suruh unker kit berdemo kat US embassy dgn konco2 PAS. kata tak suka ISA tapi kes ni langsung tak highlight.. Amacam? huhuhuhu penyokong PR semuanya terdiam benggong bila dah tak leh jawab wakakakakakakakkakakaa

mgiah said...

hipokrit ! itulah pr dan penyokongnya

Roh Teoh said...

Saya amat setuju supaya kita cadangkan Limkit siang, anwar ibrahim, nik aziz dan semua yang anti ISA ni berdemo depan kedutaan USA. kata anti tahanan tanpa bicara..so kena la cakap serupa bikin.. klu x boleh wat, tak payah nak cakap byk

Eagle Blues said...

That really is fucked up to d MAX!