Saturday, August 01, 2009

Latest : Peaceful Pro ISA rally cancelled


Pro ISA's Peaceful rally was called off upon receiving police advice due to the unruly GMI demonstrators.

Organisers decided to cooperate with the police in an effort to help maintain peace in Kuala lumpur after unruly GMI supporters forced police to fire tear gas and water cannons .
Earlier, their actions forced businesses in Jalan TAR and Jalan Raja Laut to shut their doors and public transportation was called to a halt. Shops in and around Sogo area suffered the same fate. Masjid Jamek was used as a meeting point making it hard for those who wanted to use the Mosque to perform their prayers.

We from Yes2ISA appaud the decission of the Pro ISA demonstration organisers as we believe in the democratic rule of law. We also sympathise with those innocent bystanders who were harmed one way or another by the actions of the unruly and disruptive GMI crowd.

We strongly condemn the provocation and unruly behaviour of the GMI supporters and hope that peace and order is restored as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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please said...

stop trying to kiss pdrm big ass...

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... your crowd paled in comparison to Anti-ISA crowd. Malulah if you had gone ahead with the protest. :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all of this happen due to the human right..not for the dignitary right only..all of you may come from those who believe that I.S.A (ikut suka aku) is the gov. instrument which is using to keep UMNO-BN alive..besides, some of you may have extra privillages by supporting this misuse it rite?..huhu

pewarna said...

You guys make me shame , thought you guys going to fight for malays. If you're firm that what you guys doing is right then you should stay not run like cowards. Where is the pekida? where is the pewaris ? shame to you coward

eniXzul said...


Anonymous said...

apa ni?, ni ke katanya berjuang, ceh cakap je berdegar - degar..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ISA is abused by the government dumbass



Anonymous said...

actually.dun think the rakyat is dumb as you are.

Anonymous said...

You people are the worst, totally useless and brainless. I am so proud to be there with 20,000 people who believe in the fundamental right of a rakyat

Anonymous said...

Where was the crowd that you promised???!

Yes2ISA said...

Dear all,

The Yes2ISA rally was called off for the greater good of the rakyat.

We always have rakyat in mind when conducting ourselves. It is what the majority of the rakyat wanted. As you have read, loses to businesses around KL was estimated at RM 100million.

Traders, shop keepers and small businesses were badly effected. We sympathise with the innocent rakyat and we did not want to add on to their troubles especially during a slow economic period.
The tourism industry was also effected.

We did not want to be a burden to the rakyat any further.

There were many complains from devotees who wanted to use masjid negara and jamek who were furious that their place of worship was used for political means. Many could not access the mosques for their daily prayers.

We decided to tell the crowd to cooperate with the police. As they already had their hands full with the rioting GMI protesters with almost 600 arrested including 40 under aged children.
What is to happen to this children now? Who will be there for them?

In democracy, the voice of the majority is channeled through a leader. And we had our leader who represent 100,000 of us deliver the memorandum to the istana.
We did not need 20,000 rioters. In true democratic fashion.

Mission accomplished! using our brains, not acting like goons. No one on our side was arrested and we still delivered the memorandum.

Thank you

Bloggers Pencacai Negara said...

katak katak.. Tak nampak pun?

Hujan tak turun, lalu katak pun tak turun..

Tak tau malu betoi, pencacai negara nih..

Ramai ke sokong you?

I didnt see your scums pun yesterday?

Where are your balls?

Hidden sumwhere?


Yes2ISA said...

Dear Pencacai negara,

Nama kamu memang sesuai jika kamu berbangsa melayu kerana telah menjadi macai DAP.

Ini zaman IT bro. Zaman working "smart". Zaman teknologi.

Who needs balls when we have brains.

yes, you didnt see us because when you were busy rioting and destroying other malaysian businesses, we were busy giving the referandum to our King.


Anonymous said...

"In democracy, the voice of the majority is channeled through a leader. And we had our leader who represent 100,000 of us deliver the memorandum to the istana.
We did not need 20,000 rioters. In true democratic fashion."

wow.. why didn't 100,000 of you guys though about that earlier.. instead of making such a big hype of saying 100,000 of pro isa planning to gather and do a rally as well. cakap tak serupa bikin. kasi malu aja. booo~~ don't give us stupid excuses la.

Yes2ISA said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sometimes we have to play smart. The hype was all planned - we knew we were not going to do that from the start as we are all civilised people.

We wanted to get the GMI goons all worked up. And worked up they did get, ended up their emotions running high and ready for battle. They went there ready to battle and got the shit kicked out of them due to the provocation.

Guess what? Our smart politics worked. We got our memorandum to the Istana by 1 sole rep. Where as you couldnt even get 1 person there and you sent 20,000 people .. funny.

Jadi sapa yang malu sekarang ni? haha

Not only that, you just lost alot of support from the rakyat effected by the riots you caused. Wonder if the traders, shop keepers, and ordinary rakyat who are disgusted and badly effected by your actions still vote for PR?

And ISA still stands. Whos giving excuses? The only excuse i hear from last saturday's riot is from the PR leaders saying that "its still a success even though we did not achieve our goal" .. i see , so you failed but its still a success?....

Anonymous said...

this website and the comments from Yes2ISA is so bloody sick! only idiots will accept your spins.