Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malaysians have spoken!

Malaysians have spoken in the KDN survey and you can go HERE to view the results.

Now look at how this irresponsible people spin and lie about the results being manipulated. Folks, go to website and see if this lying scum really took of the screenshots of the results. See their version HERE.

Is it similar to their screen shot? NO! it is clearly manipulated!

According these enemies of the State, the results were manipulated up to the stage of having 15 million people vote for the ISA. This is absolutely untrue. But what is worth mentioning is all the commenters bashing the "fake" results, calling KDN "cheats", "syok sendiri" etc without even bothering to check the real results. To them, their blogging Gods are the benchmark for fact finding source and everything they read in blogs are considered the holy truth. How people can be such sheeps just amazes me.

Anyway, Malaysians have spoken. Besides already making a choice by our democratic right to vote, we have taken the survey to show them what the stand of the majority is on the ISA.
Who needs 20,000 mob anarchists when we have the majority of 6 million voters voting for this cause? Who needs to disrupt public peace with riots and underaged human shields when we have cast our vote at the ballot box? Not only that, but the survey clearly shows the stand of those who have access to the internet. We want the ISA!

Just because we do not get 20,000 mobsters to riot on the street (some of them paid to riot according testimonies) , it does not mean that we are not supportive of the ISA. We supported it by putting the government of today in power via our democratic process. And we have reinforced that with an online survey.

In your face GMI!

Malaysians have spoken! We are Malaysians and this is what we want. If you dont like what Malaysians choose to have in their lives then maybe Malaysia is not the place for you.



Anonymous said...

Survey yang tidak telus dan menipu rakyat malaysia. Sudah pasti ini kerja-kerja para cybertroopers.

Yes2ISA said...

anon 4.52pm

tak ade modal lain ke kawan?

Anonymous said...

Show us the IPs of those who voted to verify if it was real or fake. Dont just say XXX amount of people, they must substantiate it