Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Malaysians for ISA Wish list for 2010

Malaysian criminals who created unrest and disunity in the country.

We call for the arrest of these goons who have done nothing but provoke and destabilize our Nation tercinta. Do this for Malaysians, do this for Malaysia!
Arrest these scoundrels!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malaysians have spoken!

Malaysians have spoken in the KDN survey and you can go HERE to view the results.

Now look at how this irresponsible people spin and lie about the results being manipulated. Folks, go to website and see if this lying scum really took of the screenshots of the results. See their version HERE.

Is it similar to their screen shot? NO! it is clearly manipulated!

According these enemies of the State, the results were manipulated up to the stage of having 15 million people vote for the ISA. This is absolutely untrue. But what is worth mentioning is all the commenters bashing the "fake" results, calling KDN "cheats", "syok sendiri" etc without even bothering to check the real results. To them, their blogging Gods are the benchmark for fact finding source and everything they read in blogs are considered the holy truth. How people can be such sheeps just amazes me.

Anyway, Malaysians have spoken. Besides already making a choice by our democratic right to vote, we have taken the survey to show them what the stand of the majority is on the ISA.
Who needs 20,000 mob anarchists when we have the majority of 6 million voters voting for this cause? Who needs to disrupt public peace with riots and underaged human shields when we have cast our vote at the ballot box? Not only that, but the survey clearly shows the stand of those who have access to the internet. We want the ISA!

Just because we do not get 20,000 mobsters to riot on the street (some of them paid to riot according testimonies) , it does not mean that we are not supportive of the ISA. We supported it by putting the government of today in power via our democratic process. And we have reinforced that with an online survey.

In your face GMI!

Malaysians have spoken! We are Malaysians and this is what we want. If you dont like what Malaysians choose to have in their lives then maybe Malaysia is not the place for you.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vote for ISA at KDN website!

Comrades, do go and make your voices heard on the KDN Online Poll.

POLL HERE! (see bottom right)

Vote for your right to choose! Vote for ISA ! Vote for stability & Security!


PS - At first when the poll appeared to be siding the Anti ISA group, there was no issue from anyone. But then when the news of the poll started to spread and our comrades came online in droves to vote, the poll soon tipped to our side. So now they are saying that the poll is rigged & manipulated.

What an insult to honest peace loving Malaysians who took the time to come online to vote.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

No ISA in Indonesia, so ....

No ISA? No worries.. BANG BANG ! see you in the next life...

Nordin Mohammad Top, the man who boldly boasted and claimed responsibility for the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel bombings, also linked to both the Bali bombings, Australian Embassy bombings, expert bomb maker and high on FBI's wanted list was shot dead today after a standoff with Indonesian police. A car bomb was also found and believed to be intended for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Read more about it HERE

So do we abolish the ISA and free all ISA detainees? 10 out of 17 of which happens to be Jemaah Islmiyah members. The same JI group that the infamous Nordin was a part of.

Sure lets free them all!! Let Jemaah Islamiyah run around our country and do what they intend to do hmm? Is that what you want?

Or maybe we should give a wider scope to the police to "shoot to kill", just like what happened in Indonesia today?
Terror suspect? - Easy, nothing a bullet to the head couldn't solve..but then again, isn't this same group of people whining about Malaysia being a Police State?

So then now we have to release them, and police cannot carry out their duties because they will be accused of turning Malaysia into a Police really looks like they are out to create chaos and destabilise this beloved country of ours, this "Abolish ISA" people.

Malaysians, which do you want? The ISA where terrorists are detained and investigated and kept away from society, eventually released when they are not a threat to society OR allow the police more freedom to put a bullet into the head of a suspected terrorist?


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The most disturbing news of the Pro ISA rally has surfaced

Kids were used as Human Shields! No, Im not joking!

We know the kind of people we are dealing with now. The most selfish kind who would do what ever they can to achieve their ambitions!

In penang, a man claimed that his son, a 15 year old boy was recruited without his consent and was paid RM35 to join the group.
The boy told reporters;

"I was told by the organiser that we were going for the purpose of maintaining security and each of us was given a red T-shirt to wear"

Source : BERNAMA

This is too much! Getting 15 year olds to stand in the front line to fight your battles! How low can you go? 15 yr old security personel? are you kidding me?
Yet they are making a big fuss when police arrested juviniles amidst the chaos. This juviniles would not have been there if the organisers had not recruited them and paid them to be there in the first place!

Kids at the front

While leaders walk in their comfort zone. Bodyguards and all.

Let the world see for themselves the kind of people that we are dealing with here.

We from YES2ISA are relieved that the authorities are taking action against those that use Children as Human Shields.

Read : The Star

Excerpts ;

KUALA LUMPUR: Parents, guardians and organisers who bring children to street demonstrations risk being jailed 10 years and/or fined RM20,000.

Women, Children and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil warned that action would be taken against those who intentionally exposed children to dangerous situations under the Child Act, 2001.

The IGP has also committed to take action . Read here

We are very lucky that the voice of reason has spoken out. We cannot allow this trend to continue. We are very upset and distressed with this kind of news.

We urge politicians to leave children out of their agenda, and to never ever put them in harms way again.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just exactly what are the Anti ISA people fighting for?

What are this goons fighting for? Are they really against detention without trial? Or are they just using the ISA as an excuse to fan public sentiments thus more political mileage for the politicians?

What are their intentions? Are they really fighting for Malaysia?
So far, we have heard many times this people say that ISA is unjust. It is inhumane. It is draconian. So it must be abolished. Are they really fighting it because they feel its unjust, inhumane and draconian?

Then how come these Opposition politicians and their NGO goons never once mentioned the 2 Malaysians detained in Guantanamo Bay since 2003 ???
Is that not "unjust" and "inhumane" too? Where are the riots in front of the USA Embassy? Where are the vigils, protests, demos for the 2 Malaysians detained WITHOUT TRIAL?

Why not? I thought they were dead against detention without trial? Or are they?

Its becoming more and more obvious that the anti ISA movement is nothing more than a self serving agenda for political game. They do not have the best interests of Malaysians in their hearts.

Read more about the 2 Malaysians detained without trial in Guantanamo ;


Monday, August 03, 2009

They rioted, they left ....

And now the honest hardworking Malaysians have to clean up and help in the recovery process after them.

KL suffers RM 100 million in loses. Poor Rakyat most effected especially petty traders, shop owners, even executives who were suppose to be at work on Saturday. Public transport were shut down and places were vandalised. Restaurants, hotels, taxi drivers, stall owners were all left furious as their premises were damaged and shut for business on a day when business was suppose to be at a high.

Now its time for the honest God fearing Malaysians - Those who were not involved with agenda to destabilise the country to tighten our boot straps and work hard to recover from the damage.

Rocky asks who should pay the bill?

While I ask who is going to feed the families of those who work on daily wages in and around Kl area? Who will make sure their kids are fed and their bills are paid?

Those who rioted say that its a small price to pay as they are "fighting for their rights too" .
I would love to see them say that to the faces of furious Malaysians working in the effected area who lost alot due to their selfish act and mob mentality.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

In contrast to the earlier post

Source : STARonline

Sunday August 2, 2009

Police arrest 589 supporters in ISA street demo

KUALA LUMPUR: Police arrested almost 600 people in connection with the demonstrations held in the city yesterday.

A total of 589 people were arrested as at 11.45pm, including Subang MP R. Sivarasa, who was picked up at Sogo at 3pm.

“Those arrested, including 40 women and 44 underaged persons, were picked up at the three major locations where the demonstrations were held,” said City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Mohd Sabtu Osman.

He said police had identified 11 people believed to have instigated the demonstrations, including Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, Batu MP Tian Chua, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali and Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh.

“They will be called in to record their statements,” he added.

He said well-organised traffic operations and police roadblocks prevented protesters from two groups — one against the Internal Security Act and the other for it — from staging planned marches through the city.

Supporters of both groups were contained at the Sogo shopping complex, National Mosque and Masjid Jamek LRT station areas, and had to abort their pre-planned march towards Istana Negara to hand over memorandums.

“Even though adequate warnings were issued, about 5,000 demonstrators ignored them and took part in the illegal gatherings from 7am.

“They failed to obey police orders to disperse and continued to cause a commotion,” he said, adding that those arrested would be investigated under the Societies Act and Police Act.

DCP Mohd Sabtu stressed that police would continue to conduct roadblocks and traffic operations today to ensure the situation remained under control.

He also apologised to the public for yesterday’s massive traffic congestion but stressed that it was not the fault of the police

See the benefits in behaving in a civilised manner

Source: STARonline

Sunday August 2, 2009

Lone Pro ISA man makes it to palace

KUALA LUMPUR: While thousands of anti-ISA protesters struggled in vain to reach Istana Negara, one man beat all odds to fulfil his mission to submit a pro-ISA memorandum.

ISA supporter Mohd Khairul Azam Abd Aziz said he succeeded because he walked alone.

“I even took time to eat durian by the roadside, had some tea, and even took some cigarette breaks as I walked alone from the Central Market to the back gate of the Istana.

“The anti-ISA protesters went in large numbers, so naturally they would face strong resistance from the authorities,’’ he said.

Khairul was representing Magaran (Majlis Gabungan NGO Pembela Negara) to submit an eight-page pro-ISA memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Khairul, who is the legal adviser to Magaran, said he enjoyed his three-hour leisurely walk.

“I wore the pro-ISA T-shirt underneath a Visit Malaysia T-shirt, to avoid being noticed by the authorities.

“I lifted the T-shirt to reveal the pro-ISA message only when the media photographers arrived.

“But the arrival of the photographers attracted police attention.

“Before that, I was there for a long time, and no one noticed me. When the cameras started clicking at about 7pm, the police rushed over,” he said.

Khairul said the police took down his particulars. They were curious to know how he managed to breach such tight security.

He claimed that the police, however, could not take action against him because he was alone and therefore, could not be charged for participating in an illegal rally.

He said the thousands of anti-ISA protesters failed to fulfil their mission because they were bent on showing strength in numbers.

“I walked alone to represent the 100,000 Magaran members, and I succeeded in delivering the pro-ISA memorandum.

“I can sleep soundly tonight because I succeeded in fulfilling the expectation of the pro-ISA NGOs, without getting into trouble,’’ he said.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Latest : Peaceful Pro ISA rally cancelled


Pro ISA's Peaceful rally was called off upon receiving police advice due to the unruly GMI demonstrators.

Organisers decided to cooperate with the police in an effort to help maintain peace in Kuala lumpur after unruly GMI supporters forced police to fire tear gas and water cannons .
Earlier, their actions forced businesses in Jalan TAR and Jalan Raja Laut to shut their doors and public transportation was called to a halt. Shops in and around Sogo area suffered the same fate. Masjid Jamek was used as a meeting point making it hard for those who wanted to use the Mosque to perform their prayers.

We from Yes2ISA appaud the decission of the Pro ISA demonstration organisers as we believe in the democratic rule of law. We also sympathise with those innocent bystanders who were harmed one way or another by the actions of the unruly and disruptive GMI crowd.

We strongly condemn the provocation and unruly behaviour of the GMI supporters and hope that peace and order is restored as soon as possible.